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Good Stuff!

This is a good product, but not as tasty as what you get in high-end Thai restaurants - I'm not certain you can get that type of quality outside a restaurant. Color could be a bit darker and flavor could be "deeper". Still "good stuff"!

Good stuff!

Great on noodles or salad!

Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones 3-Pack

I gifted these bowls to my friend and she absolutely loved them!

Thai Peanut Sauce

Taste pretty good

Taste is not too bad and works well for Pad Thai sauce. Wish it were lower sodium because I have to skimp on the sauce!

It has sweetness enough but not too much which I like it.

Love every bite. It is fresh!

Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones 3-Pack

Hard to lose with sweet chili!

Yo, this stuff is SOOOO good! As far as sweet chili sauces go, this one is a slam dunk. I’ve had it on wings and with chicken nuggets and man it has really upped my saucing game. To me, this is not spicy at all, but I have yet to try a sweet chili sauce that is actually spicy.

Excellent stuff! Get some!

MEH. It’s alright depending on what you put it on.

Disclaimer: I did receive this item for free to try out. HOWEVER! All opinions are my own and I
pride myself on unbiased reviews that can help others decide whether something is worth it.

I got the sweet chili sauce. This sauce is really sweet and very liquidy. I was expecting it to be a little thicker in consistency but it’s actually fairly watery which was disappointing for me since I like my sauces thicker. Make sure to shake well! This does have a slight spicy kick to it but nothing too bad. If you were expecting spicy this is not it. I am weak to spicy flavors and I didn’t think it was too spicy so for those who enjoy spicy you will barely taste it. It was honestly more sweet than anything else. Tried dipping my chicken wings with it lol but that did not pair well at all. It did surprisingly go well mixed over white rice. You’ll just have to test it with different foodstuffs to see what will go well with this and what won’t.

It’s hard for me to recommend it since this is so niche and so hard to pair with foods. It’s also way too expensive for what it is. It’s not very special, it doesn’t take bad but it’s also not great. It’s just a sweet sauce rather than a Thai sweet chili. It just simply doesn’t go well with much. It’s good but potentially a bit too sweet. I JUST noticed as I was writing this review that this supposedly also has ginger and garlic flavors added in as well. So yea, don't look forward to that. If there really is supposed to have garlic and ginger flavors as well it does not come through at all. We have gotten Thai chili sauce from another brand called Lee Kum Kee and it’s SOOOO much better and goes with pretty much everything. I found that really ironic since the other brand is actually a Chinese company while this one is supposed to be authentic Thai. I love eating Thai food and I’ve had authentic food made by Thai parents. You haven’t lived until you’ve had homemade Thai food from a Thai mom. YUM. So yea, sadly this sauce is not that great. Definitely not all-purpose either as advertised. :(

(Please note I have not caught Covid at all so my taste buds are completely unaltered. I dunno if that might be important or not to some folks but just thought I'd mention it for full transparency for this review. :3)

Tasty, but unfortunately pricey

This Thai chili sauce is delicious, and a great addition to my staple chicken curry recipe. Unfortunately it is awfully expensive for the amount I received. If it were about $6, I might consider repurchasing, but at over $12, I feel like this is too expensive to justify.

Sweet, lots of pepper and vinegar flavor, easy to pour

My husband and I LOVE trying different sauces and Thai sweet chili sauce is one of our FAVES!!!

While this is advertised as a sweet and spicy sauce, it is definitely more sweet than spicy. You get a strong taste of peppers and vinegar which is quite pleasant. However, the peppers aren't overly spicy. I am a spicy food wimp and I didn't find this to be hot whatsoever. My husband was hoping for more of a kick but he loves spicy food.

We have tried this in several dishes so far - stir fry, Thai noodles, and as a dipping sauce for spring rolls and egg rolls. All were delicious! The flavor is strong and complimentary.

The consistency can be a hit or miss, depending on how you want to use it. It is a lot more runny than I had expected so the "cling" factor really isn't there for dipping. It is perfect for cooking, though!

I would say this sauce is on par with the authentic Thai sweet chili sauce that we get at our favorite restaurant.


This sauce is runny enough to where I feel like I can use it in so many ways. I usually just drizzle a little over my meat or rice. It's more sweet than anything, but it's a little savory and spicy too.

Thai Peanut Sauce

Great flavor

This sauce is delicious! Yummy Asian flavor. It tastes great with chicken.


See pic!
I used this to make some Korean fried chicken and it came out amazingly! Not only is the flavor immaculate, but the color it adds is beautiful!
It has just a tiny bit of actual spiciness and is overall a great choice for a sweet chili sauce.

The only thing keeping it from 5 stars is the price. I feel it’s an overpriced and I can’t say I can buy it again at the current price of a little over $12.

For the taste, I absolutely recommend it. 4 stars overall

Great tasting sauce

I like this Lanna Table Thai Sweet Chili Sauce. It is a great tasting sauce. I love that this is made with fresh ingredients and that it does not contain any additives or preservatives. It really comes out in the taste of the sauce. This is the perfect thing to get that little extra zing on our Thai dishes. I highly recommend!

Thai Peanut Sauce

Sweet Thai Chili Sauce
Gadget Enthusiast
Good, but nothing special

This sauce is way overpriced. Tastes similar to any grocery store brand sweet chili sauce, but with a very high price tag. I used in a tofu stir fry and while I got the sweet chili sauce, we couldn't really taste any hints of garlic/ginger. We'll use the rest of the bottle on another dish, but I will probably stick with a different sauce in the future.

Came opened

Love these chips but this time they are opened already. Can’t return them.

Sweet Thai Chili Sauce
Christine Lipski
Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

Wish it was a bit more spicier but overall the flavor is fantastic! I love dipping fries or even broccoli in this. Vegetarian as well!

Really tasty

This was a really nice sweet chili sauce. The flavor is quite good and the bottle is a decent size. If you don’t like spicy at all, this is probably a good safe bet, but I personally found it lacking kick. I didn’t expect it to be spicy per se, but it leaned very heavily into the sweet compared to other sweet chili sauces I’ve had. Additionally, I found it a bit less viscous then others. That’s not good or bad in my opinion, as it didn’t really affect much except maybe pouring out too much, but it was something I noticed as I was trying it. All in all, a solid option for a sweet chili sauce.

Pad thai sauce

This has just the right amount of sweet and tangy. Delicious!


The bottle is pretty big and the sauce is on the runny side, we ate it with some grilled chicken and spring rolls and loved it, not too sweet it had a good taste