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Based on 308 reviews
Thai Peanut Sauce
Mackenzie Richardson
Good one

Best flavor with good ingredients


Great taste and crunchy

Useful weight loss friendly

Could lessen seasoning (sodium).


It’s on the sweeter side rather than spicy. It’s thicker. It’s really good cold as a salad dressing. It does taste similar to when I get peanut dressing from a Thai restaurant. This is by far the best one I’ve bought.

Sweet Thai Chili Sauce
Linda Hawkins
Lanna sweet chili sauce

We hated this. Threw it away. Before have always ordered Rothschild sweet chili sauce. It is very good. This isn’t even a close comparison.

Thai Peanut Sauce
Walter D. Ruehlin
Right product, right time, right price.

Right product, right time, right price

Thai Peanut Sauce
Twila Clayton
Taste is absolutely amazing

I would recommend this to anybody. It is delicious.

Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones
Kristina Verstraete
Zero Flavor. Very Stale.

I love cracklins in general but these are not good. They are super stale and definitely have tooth breaking capabilities. PLUS they have no flavor. But if you are looking for a keto snack I guess they are good?


Half the contents are inedible. Even my sheepdogs spit them out as liken to rocks

The flavor, texture and consistency was at good as any peanut sauce I’ve had in any restaurant!!


Very good

Taste great

Great with Franks hot sauce


These are so addictive. I love them

These are great!

Taste just like the homemade cracklings my great grandma made when I was little. Great flavor, nothing like the fried styrofoam varieties I’ve purchased at the grocery store. Perfect size and price. I’m a repeat customer.

Salad dressing

I won't eat my sald without it.
It is so tasty and healthy 😋

I love these things. If you grew up eating homemade cracklins, you’ll love these.

I am delighted to have found yummy cracklins here on Amazon. They arrived on time, in tact, and are delicious.
I will eat them from my hand, or a soft roll with pepper jam. They’re good with grits and butter, man. Go getchu some Sam I am!
I would eat them anytime, that’s why I wrote this corny rhyme.

great crunch!

good skins, just way too much fat left on!

Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones
Melinda Monserrate
Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones

I really, really, really love these Chicharrones! This is my new snack. Good stuff!!!!!

Thai Peanut Sauce
Phillip Maulding

Great sauce. Tried many others looking for that Restaurant style taste and finally found it.

ONLY half full... NOT 5oz as advertised

Bags ONLY half full...at >$6/bag. I've been buying these for a while now and with each shipment the bags contain less.


like the size, freshness and taste.

Great tasting!

Love these as an occasional treat. The ingredients are clean and they are not too hard.

Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones
Robert L Andersen
Very good

I really liked them. But beware they’re not general on your teeth!

Taste great!!!

Been trying to find the ones that tasted like the ones I had when I was a kid and so far these are it. The flavor was awesome to me and crunchy but still not hard as old days, don't hesitate to buy them. Just wish they weren't so expensive.

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