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LANNA, also known as LANNATHAI

Lanna was Northern Thailand from the 13th to 18th centuries and included our hometown of Chiang Mai. It is a melting pot of culture and crafts, architecture, masonry, bronzeware, silverware, woodcraft, textiles, weaving, sculpture, and cooking, which has blossomed into a wonderful artistic and cultural style that is loved and revered all over the world today.

In early ,1993

Our story


For generations, our family has lived along the banks of the Ping river. Our home is within sight of the earliest ruins of the Lanna Kingdom. In that tradition, Since 1993, our Father Boonnop's native wood carving skills and our Mother's famous artisanal crispy pork delicacies have contributed to our greater artistic community's boundless creativity.

year 1993

at year, 2016


Over the years, the lane beyond our riverfront home became a thoroughfare and an excellent location for a storefront where until recently Mother's crispy pork and Dad's homemade sausage made it a regular stop for those passing by.

year 2016

By today's standards, the family's enterprise was modest. However, it provided the means for our parents to ensure that both my sister and I graduated with degrees from local universities in Chiang Mai and encouraged us to pursue postgraduate educations abroad.

While I was fortunate to come to the US and earn an MBA degree, my creative roots have pulled me from the ivory office towers of commerce to becoming an entrepreneur acting as a bridge between my ancient Lanna culture and today's exciting global marketplace.

- Edward Promtan -

LANNARTS LTD Lanna Table is a division of Lannarts Ltd., which we founded to provide a collection of the very best Home furnishings and Decor products inspired by 700 hundred years of the Lanna culture of Northern Thailand, aka The Rose of The North, The Kingdom of Lanna.