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Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones 3-Pack

Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones 3-Pack

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Enjoy fresh pork cracklins with this 3- pack! Chicharrones are a crunchy and savory snack made of fried pork skins, offering a salty and satisfying experience with every bite. Perfect for snacking on the go, each pack is sure to provide a delicious and filling snack. A family size pork crackling 5 oz bags gives you a high protein boost anytime needed in your work day. A Keto-Paleo Friendly, 0g Carbs, High Protein, Naturally Gluten-Free.


    0g CARBS-0g TRANS FAT-HIGH PROTEIN-NATURALLY GLUTEN FREE ☆ - We fry our Pork Cracklings in pure pork fat with salt in the authentic Southern Style. They are a delicious, nutritious source of healthy protein that is also low in carbohydrates, making them Keto-Paleo diet-friendly. 

    DELICIOUS TASTE OF THE SOUTH  - Pork Cracklings are a traditional favorite that has been rediscovered as a natural healthy Protein Snack for today's lifestyle. When being careful about your diet and get the hungries, Pork Cracklings give a quick, tasty boost with that taste we crave and never forget.

    NO ADDITIVES - Our Pork Cracklings have no additives and get their explosion of pork flavors the old fashioned way, just from the salted pork fat meat with the skin attached. Every satisfying bite has just the right balance of taste, texture, and flavor.

    ENOUGH TO ENJOY & SHARE  - This generous 5 oz. Bag has enough to pass and share (serving size: 1/2oz – 10 servings per bag), and when one bag runs out, you've got two more bags in reserve with our 3-Pack special.

    ENJOYED THE WORLD OVER - Originated in Mexico in the 1500s when the Spanish introduced pork to the New World, they are now called Chicharrones. In England, they are Scratchings; and in Thai cuisine, Khaep mu is a specialty of the northern Lanna culture of the Thai City of Chiang Mai. 


    Pork fat with attached skin (salt added)

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    Josh Lee

    Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones 3-Pack


    Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones 3-Pack


    Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones 3-Pack


    Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones 3-Pack


    Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones 3-Pack