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Thes aren't true cracklins.

Very hard, if you are expecting "fat back" cracklins look elsewhere.

Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones 3-Pack

Taste great

I dislike the cost only.


This product more than meets our expectations. The flavor is very "porky" with the right amount of salt. They are a fantastic replacement for the pork cracklins we cannot get anymore.

Pad Thai Sauce 2-Pack

Tasteful and crunchy!

Love the flavor and crunchiness not to salty!

Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones - 3 Pack

Pad Thai Sauce - Pack of 2

These are really good flavors and fast shipping. I love the full of 5oz bag.

Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones - 3 Pack

Good, too much tamarind flavor for my liking

This pad Thai sauce has a neat family history, and I love knowing that by purchasing it, I am supporting a family owned company and business. I really love Pad Thai, so maybe I was expecting a certain flavor from this sauce, but it just didn't deliver in the way I had hoped. The tamarind flavor is extremely overbearing in my opinion. It felt like this needed a little salt to counter the tanginess. I'm not sure that I'd buy this in future, but that might just be my own tastebuds speaking.

Pad Thai Sauce
Matt from California
Decent, easy to use, cheaper than buying the meal at your local food joint.

This review is for the Lanna Table Pad Thai Sauce was easy to use, just do your noodles, vegetables, and protein in the WOK and no more worrying about the complicated variety of sauces needed, just add the right amount of this sauce and it makes for some quick simple Thai street favorite. The taste was decent for a home WOK cooked Pad Thai and my mediocre cooking skills, and the sauce is a good value and easy to use, good directions.

Coasters Marble Swirls Set 4

as pictured and described - thank you

Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones - 3 Pack

Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones - 3 Pack


The bowls and spoons are BEAUTIFUL! Super fast shipping! My daughter is going to love these for her morning smoothie bowls.

Very Crunchy!

This is more crunchy, harder and heavy then I'm use too. It just adds that this more chicharrones texture for real and taste is good. This you cant finished in a setting. Eat in moderation. Does taste good.

Pad Thai Sauce
Louis T.

Pad Thai Sauce - Pack of 2

Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones - 3 Pack

Great coasters set

The coasters have worked out great. Very absorbent and nice quality. Adorable design and now I’m not having to wipe off my desk constantly from condensation from my drinks.

Coasters Marble Swirls Set 4

These are more beautiful than the picture! They are very absorbent. I highly recommend!

Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones 5 oz - 3 Pack

Unappealing smell & taste; bottle was not properly sealed & leaked

This pad thai sauce sounded like it would be fabulous, but I have not had a good experience. One bottle had leaked (the cap is covered in a plastic wrap, but when I opened the wrap sauced had clearly leaked down the side) so that had to be thrown out. I tasted the sauce in the other bottle and it was sour - very heavy vinegar base. Smell was even noticeably sour.

Overall, not my favorite sauce. I would prefer to make my own pad thai sauce than use this one.

Thanks for your review. I am sorry for any disappointment this may have caused you. We appreciate your feedback and helping us improve the quality!

Good, but a little expensive.

They were good, but they were a little expensive.

Coasters Marble Swirls Set 4

These coasters are very attractive and very absorbent. Very happy with my purchase.