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Sweet Thai Chili Sauce

Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones 3-Pack

Sweet Thai Chili Sauce

Thai Peanut Sauce
So Good

Being dependent on grocery delivery, they always tell me the peanut sauce is out/unavailable. I am forced to order online. This sauce works as a dip, as a basting for grilling chicken, and I used it for Thai chicken tacos (like taco sauce).


Nice to add to dinner for some flavor.

Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones 3-Pack

Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones 3-Pack

Tastes great

Great taste to this sauce. My husband loves dipping food into this. It has good notes of garlic and ginger and isn’t too spicy. Comes with a good date on the bottle so lasts a while.

Tastes great

Nice taste. Surprised that the calories were so low. Used it on chicken and it was delicious

Thai Peanut Sauce

I have been searching for a long time for a delicious peanut sauce. I have purchased so many different kinds, different brands, all disappointing. That is, until today. This peanut sauce is the best!!!!! And it is low fat.

Kinda bland

Was expecting more to be honest. This was pretty bland and flat tasting. The jar is a little smaller than I had assumed as well. Meh, won't buy again.

Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones 3-Pack

Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones 3-Pack

I just Love them it's hard to keep them around for a long time.

Expensive but good.

Easy peanut sauce

This peanut sauce is delicious. I mix it to my noodle dishes. A nice mellow peanut flavor but very flavorful.

Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones 3-Pack

Sweet and spicy diliciousness

This is perfect for my lumpia. Absolutely delicious. Not too much tang and not too much spice. Easily comparable to other brands that i've tried. I do love that it wasn't super chunky.

Good balance of flavors

I tried the Sweet Chili flavor. I used it to dip fried jumbo shrimp in, and the flavor was good. It also would be good for dipping tempura in, or wontons, spring rolls, or rangoons. The flavor is medium spicy, it doesn't leave a burning aftertaste. The consistency might be better for cooking Thai food than for dipping. I felt it would be improved if it was a bit thicker consistency, i wished it was more like a jelly and not so thin.

My new favorite

Worth the price and delivery time

Good Stuff!

This is a good product, but not as tasty as what you get in high-end Thai restaurants - I'm not certain you can get that type of quality outside a restaurant. Color could be a bit darker and flavor could be "deeper". Still "good stuff"!

Nice flavor

This one is great, I use a lot for many asian recipe.

Good stuff!

Great on noodles or salad!

Pork Cracklins, Chicharrones 3-Pack

I gifted these bowls to my friend and she absolutely loved them!